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Until the Last Drop 2020

“Until the Last Drop examines the rivers that have transformed the San Joaquin Valley, helped create California’s greatest cities and nourished a nation. On the Tuolumne, Stanislaus and Merced rivers we meet the men and women who grow our food; we talk to those studying what salmon really need to survive, and we hear from those who depend on thriving rivers and are working to secure water supplies for our communities and environment.

“Those responsible for providing water to millions see the peril of a degraded environment. Those who measure every drop that soaks into an orchard are among the most dedicated conservationists.

“The questions are profound, the answers complex. Compromise is as necessary as it is difficult. An agreement forged last year at the insistence of two governors could end our endless water wars…if people will embrace it.

“Our filmmakers have gone onto the rivers, into laboratories, on to farms, and to the top of San Francisco skyscrapers to better understand the threats to our rivers, fish and our Valley.

“Crucial decisions on the future of our water supplies and rivers are imminent. Until the Last Drop will help us understand what’s at stake.”

“I don’t think we’re asking too much of the River. I think we sell ourselves short when we describe the River and water in California as an issue of scarcity. We’re smart. Humans are smart and we’re social creatures. When you put a bunch of brains together you come up with some good solutions. The Rivers have been taxed, but we also know that we have solutions at our fingertips. Dos Rios Ranch is proof of concept that we can do a whole lot more with the limited resources we have. It doesn’t have to mean shutting off a whole component of the system, or shutting down a whole community that relies upon the River.”

“Instead of fighting a fight that takes water away from people, or relieves people of their water rights, we should be figuring out how to create a world where everyone has the confidence to share.”