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Panamanian Frogs, Russian Reindeer, and Gene Editing

What meaningful connections could rise out of a mix like this? It all has to do with pathogens.

Two weeks ago, I set out to keep a Reading History in the hope that I might make some connections between what I’ve learned in school, what I’m learning as a water activist and naturalist, and what I’m reading now.

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“Though people in the Kunene Region had often told Owen-Smith that they saw no value in wildlife, it turned out that they saw many values. Like Aldo Leopold, they believed that it was possible to appreciate a species for its own sake and make intelligent use of it, too.”

—Michelle Nijhuis, Beloved Beasts

Intelligent Use

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Reading History

For the first two years I spent learning about the environment and climate change, I read articles online that I joyfully shared to social media. At that time, I was reading about everything! A year later, I became a water activist and I created this blog, continuing to share links to what I was learning through my activism.

While I still read online, I actually think reading books improves my attention span, so I made the switch to reading library books and e-books when it works out that way.

I’m hoping that by reading longer books it helps me develop the interest and the ability to write about what I’m reading so I can connect it meaningfully to what I remember learning in school and what I physically experience in nature—past, present, and future.