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Caring Deeply

“One of the downsides (or is it an upside?) of dragonfly monitoring is you begin to care—deeply—about things you may not have thought about before. A wetland is converted to a shopping center. The new parking lot that makes it easier to shop comes with a price in nature. Instead of celebrating a new coffee place, you wonder which dragonflies—and what associated plants and insects and members of the aquatic community—have vanished to make way for it. You see a meandering creek turn into a tightly channeled stream and you think of the effects on the underlying substrate, the bottom of the waterway.” —Cindy Crosby, Chasing Dragonflies

What does riparian mean?

In terms of law, riparian is relating to or situated on the banks of a river. In terms of ecology, riparian is relating to wetlands adjacent to rivers and streams. Often, the word is used to modify rights, as in riparian water rights, or simply, riparian rights. “Riparian rights is a system for allocating water among those who possess land along its path.”