Agriculture Resilience Act

“We commend Rep. Chellie Pingree for introducing the bi-partisan Agricultural Resilience Act. This bill is a positive step toward building the soil health that is critical for our future. Restoring soil carbon, reducing fertilizer use, and cover cropping are all necessary for building a resilient and equitable food system while addressing the consequences of the climate crisis. The Sierra Club supports this major step forward for climate smart agriculture, pasture based livestock, reductions in food waste, and state level initiatives to improve soil health.” Press Release

Movement Organizing

“This manual is designed to aid your work as an organizer: building campaigns that enlist grassroots power to achieve outcomes that improve the world.”

“Our objective is to lay out key ideas and practices that, in our experience, result in campaigns that succeed. This includes fundamentals of building relationships, analyzing power, and writing campaign plans.”

“We also dig into some detail on topics such as how to enter a community, enlisting volunteers and cultivating their leadership skills, connecting your campaign to a larger movement, and how to learn from success and failure to improve your skills and campaigns.”

What does riparian mean?

In terms of law, riparian is relating to or situated on the banks of a river. In terms of ecology, riparian is relating to wetlands adjacent to rivers and streams. Often, the word is used to modify rights, as in riparian water rights, or simply, riparian rights. “Riparian rights is a system for allocating water among those who possess land along its path.”